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milky_tea's Journal

dolly style, dolly love
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this is a community for people that love dolls, and doll fashion, and dressing like a doll, just for fun. it's for dolly moods, dresses, everything. for when you feel like a living doll. or pretend you are. because you like frilly stuff and think age definition of how you are supposed to act/dress/think is really stupid. tea parties are one of the best ways to eat, you know it's true.

if you ever wished that a dress your doll had came in your size, this is where you belong.

if you have jam and tea stains on your clothes, you should join.

if you climb trees in your party dress, this is the spot.

so share pictures of you, your dolls, tips for clothes and makeup, links, dolls you are selling, stories, patterns anything as long as it's relevant!

and have fun.

if you have any ideas/concerns you do not want to post about, please contact your moderator bird, who is very nice and does not bite.

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